415 swinging gates operator

  • For swing gates with single leaf max length of 3m (415) and 4m (415L)
  • The 415 operator is available in 8 different versions.
  • The LS versions are equipped with open and closing Limit switches to manage slowdown and stopping points. The Limit switch can be used as a stop or slowdown command. The high precision micrometric limit switches allow frontal adjustment.
  • Mechanical stops are not fitted to the units.
  • The non-reversing system ensures the gate is mechanically locked when the motor is not running. A convenient and secure release system makes it possible to manually move the gate in event of power failure.
  • The Aluminium body is completely double coated, guaranteeing a high resistance to atmospheric agents predisposition for the use of the ”gatecoder” deceleration kit.
  • A horizontal cable exit is useful for installations near to the ground.
  • There is also an optional rod protective housing which is available for the 300mm models